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We read in the third book of Moses [Leviticus], chap. If the net is to be removed again, the procedure is the reverse, with the exception of small electric motors on every second post, which, with the aid of pulleys, have a detachable cut-out, Lower the tube, turn the latter, and unwind the needle-filled wires.

10, where the sons of Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, wished to bring joy to the Lord, which the Lord had not commanded them. However, the case may be that there is not enough time for the removal of the net.

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If we continue to learn from the books of the kings the structure of the new temple by King Solomon, we can only come to one conclusion from the electrotechnical point of view: Moses and Aaron knew how to collect an unknown divine force from the air, how to preserve it, and how it worked, for, from the present point of view, the Ark of the Covenant could have been nothing but a Leyden jar or a condenser of very great capacity, which was charged with atmospheric electricity by means of airborne points. Heinrich Rudolph in Stc Goarshausen The patent claim reads: It is a large, yet extremely light net, for the collection of atmospheric electricity, together with the need for mounting and removal of this net, which is carried by a kite balloon, made of two steel tubes, which is used for collecting atmospheric electricity and for mounting and removing this net Which consists of a number of posts each with two axle bearings and several small electric motors." Description. The subject matter of the present invention is a nets tethered by a kite balloon at an altitude of 1000 to 2000 m, which is about 9 m.

The fact that the charge maintained itself well was due only to steady charging with atmospheric electricity and to the dry climate in Palestine. In length and has a weight of about 700 kilograms and is capable of accumulating atmospheric electricity, together with the necessary equipment for the isolated discharge. 1) can be produced by means of two steel pipes R R of 300 mm length and 1 mm wall thickness and 2 cm diameter, which are obtained by pushing in individual pipes of the length of manufacture and fixing them by means of small steel bolts with screwed-on securing plates.

It is difficult yet gratifying to write a book on an area that is still almost untouched.

Although the concepts of atmospheric electricity have already been known and studied by some, and even a few theoretical papers have been written on this subject, in the field of technical extraction, conversion, and utilization of atmospheric electricity almost nothing is known.

It can be seen from the biblical description that the Ark was made from well-insulated precious wood and was studded with gold and the like from inside and outside. In order to clarify the facts, it should be pointed out that Franklin's experiments have shown the possibility of the derivation of atmospheric electricity to the earth, but that the present invention is specifically the device described, namely one which has a commercially viable energy yield of derived air electricity. These tubes are intended to form the two horizontal sides of the square mesh, between which approximately 1200 vertical bronze wires of 300 m length and 0.04 sq mm cross section are to be clamped at intervals of 0.25 m.

All conditions were therefore satisfied for a good electric condenser or a Leyden jar. As regards the means for the commercial exploitation of the network described in the following, reference should be made to the patent No. Since the thin wires have to carry very fine and pointed needles of 1 cm in length at intervals of 0.1 m, they are previously slowly wound on rollers and, during this, the needles are set by means of a resilient eyelet open at their lower end.

[ Furthermore, a more detailed description is given in Chapter 37-38 for the construction of the Ark. In order that the thin steel tube does not undergo any bending.

It is clear from all this that an electrician could not do better nowadays if he wanted to build a Leyden jar for the purpose of giving man a divine power, which can kill the uninitiated or pretenders immediately. It is carried by 40 cast stranded wires which hang on the hook for the tether and triple against its lower end so as to be capable of being fixed at intervals of about 2.5 mm on the mentioned tube.

Attempts were made to solve a number of new preliminary questions however, and the development of the problem of utilization of atmospheric electricity had to take place on entirely new foundations. p12 Recent literature; Patents and their assessment ...

The author hopes to prove by this document that he has achieved this or at least illustrated how to do so. p14 Results of the author's preliminary experiments ...

It can even be stated that some scientists contend the extraction and utilization of atmospheric electricity is impossible.

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