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And I don’t want to spend hours with men that will never be a good date for me.

With this in mind, I’m putting aside the idea of a “match” in favor of looking for “leads”. For this experiment to work I needed to be armed with a list of traits that could easily be spotted from a dating profile or early interaction, and a site with a lot of data points to examine.

” If we try to speak to everyone with our value proposition, it gets watered down so much that we don’t engage any visitors effectively.

An online dating profile is essentially a lead generation landing page, so it’s the perfect platform to create an optimization project that’s entertaining to read about as well as fairly practical for me: a single woman looking for a dating partner.

Subscribe to this Series Before we can attract the ideal date (or customer), we need to know how to measure “ideal”. We need to have a good understanding of our base qualifications and the deal-breakers that mark a visitor as outside our target market.

I check multiple spreadsheets and websites to optimize cash back rewards and airline points before purchasing anything.

So when I decided it was time to look for a lab coat that matches mine, joining an online dating site with plenty of data points was the perfect choice for me.

You can that rating leads based on these traits isn’t going to be as straightforward as the deal-breakers, but it can still be pretty clear whether someone is stacking up well.

This snippet of standardized questions helps me get an idea of how this person feels about his religious beliefs.This question is open-ended, but this guy still managed to cover one of my important traits and also a critically important trait by mentioning his dog.It won’t always be easy to assign a value, however.Sometimes I’m going to have to look at the profile as a whole to make a decision. When you answer standardized questions on okcupid, it will use your answers to rank you among other users of the site. There are many personality traits I’m looking for that I didn’t include in my rating system because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find solid evidence without meeting in person, but this guy is also demonstrating some strong elements of the Type A personality I really like.In the bar graph above, the midline represents the average okcupid user, so this person is much less into exercise than the average person. Deciding whether someone is negative or pessimistic will be another item that requires looking at the big picture.In business, these are the folks we just can’t help.

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