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Everyone from super femmes in pretty dresses to butches, bois, soft studs, punk rock girls, and everyone in between, all get hot and sweaty on the dance floor together where guest lady-DJ’s from Miami frequently spin awesome dance mixes. Honeypot Open: 9pm-3am – Honeypot, sister club to Gbar, hosts their lesbian night on Saturday nights. It is bigger than Gbar and hosts larger events such as glow, foam, pinup, and fetish parties.Gbar also tends to host a pretty good number of wet t-shirt contests where anyone can enter and the winner gets a 0 bar tab. There is a drag show with both kings and queens at am every Saturday and the casts are usually from Ru-Pauls Drag Race or other noteworthy competitions. After the drag show there is generally a bit more techno dance stuff as well.I think the company we worked with, Xylocopa, did a great job designing them." Tribe member Alina Jette and her husband got married on Friday the 13th. Tribe member Corinnemarie22 designed these spooky Halloween invites herself (hence the don't-steal-this grey lines).

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” Tampa is totally fun and fierce and fabulous and is super gay and then there is the beach and you are located like an hour and a half away from Disney!

In addition, people living in Tampa are often lovingly called Tampons which is amusing and also the perfect label for this lady-loving city.

The clubs flip flop with who gets to host the gay boys and who gets to host the queer ladies which night.

Friday nights at Gbar are Lesbian “tease” nights and is usually jam packed.

I can safely say that pretty much every queer identified woman I know gets all giddy to go party at Georgie’s and come on, who doesn’t like a cute go go dancer and a good drag show?

The Ybor City Social Club The Social is usually where Tampa lesbians tend to hang out on Thursday nights.To start, Tribesmaid Sara made these Ouija save the dates for her Halloween wedding. Check out the be-skulled save the date magnets for Virginia and Eddie's Dia de los Muertos wedding.These zombie love save the date cards were whipped up by the aptly-named Tribesmaid Redhotmomma.This invite is from Tribemember Morgan, who wanted to tie both their Elvis and Halloween theme into their invitations. I love laser cut invitations and I think they look ESPECIALLY amazing when you're going for a creepy Halloween vibe!Tribe member Team Runcible explains, "We had them laser cut in 8 different colors ranging from indigo (shown) to bubble gum pink.Kristi Mc Mullen's Day of the Wed invitations are awesome, and they came with this "how to survive a zombie attack" insert: It's more than possible that I may have missed a few Halloween-y wedding invitations, if you got one that I missed, leave 'em in the comments!


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