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In the last episode, Till De Ath Do Us PArt, Aria and Ezra finally got married.Aria has a pale ivory complexion complimented her with round hazel eyes and plump lips.Aria sees through her dad's concerns, however, and reassures him that she is still keeping his secret.

- Destroyed Emily's and Ali's nursery (exposed), Can't have children (exposed) Aria Montgomery was the artsy and alternative girl in Alison's clique prior to her disappearance, sporting pink streaks in her hair.

Her constant teasing about the indiscretion led Aria to resent Alison.

As part of her punishment for not following his orders, Charles cut her hair short while keeping her prisoner in the dollhouse and she has kept it that length ever since. Her fashion motifs has printed dresses, boots, tights, necklaces, etc., and is interested in anything girly.

The series begins with a flashback in a barn, where Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are having a sleepover.

When they awake, they realize that two of the girls are gone.

Spencer then comes back telling them Alison is missing and that she heard a scream.

Her natural dark brown hair is wavy and had pink highlights prior to Alison's disappearance.

She has a petite frame and stands approximately at 5'2 ft, the shortest of her friends.

One year later and Aria and her family have returned home to Rosewood after living in Iceland for her father's sabbatical.

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