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While many celebrate this phenomenon, is it appropriate for Christians to get caught up in the zombie zeitgeist?

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"I think [Tim] is probably the love of [Lyla's] life.

I don't know, maybe they do end up back together, maybe he gets his s--t together, and they work things out," Kelly mused to 's premiere.

On the flip side, almost as though they're living up to their end of the bargain, no guy has ever spilled the beans about Kelly, either. But while the red-carpet-couple life hasn't been her thing, it's not as though she doesn't go out in public on dates as she pleases.

In fact, over time she's gotten her date-a-movie-star-like-he's-just-anyone game down to a science.

Pop culture has a growing fascination with the occult.

From zombies and vampires, to Hogwarts and horoscopes, and even witches and Ouija boards — the mystical, unknown and undead seem to dominate TV and movie screens.Also, you get a free pass to go on about Mayer after the fact, but..Not a word from Kelly."Minka told a couple friends that she and John had broken up but she really didn't want to tell anyone," a source told Not an actor or singer, but easily one of the biggest sports stars in the world and perhaps the sporting world's most endearing bachelor."The majority of Christians lack discernment," wrote Johnston. Christianity has the most educated general membership in its history, but also the most undiscerning."According to Johnston, discernment and the principle of the priesthood of all believers are key to establishing balance and boundaries when dealing with the many iterations of the paranormal. The dating world is tough enough without having all eyes on you every time you go out, and the film and TV star hasn't had a relationship all to herself in 10 years.So is watching paranormal-themed TV shows and movies simply a normal extension of those experiences?


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