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The following lines are your ultimate guide to unlimited pleasure at the men’s paradise called Cebu.

They are ugly because you don’t even want to know what kind of animals and monsters they breed in their vaginas.

In case you really want to bang such a girl you should always wear a condom and maybe even a knight’s armor.

The girls I am talking about are the professional dick suckers.

You can call them prostitutes, semi-professionals, freelancers or simply poor girls who try to get by.

When I say that the educated and in this country are perfect for your seduction plans, I also mean it.

I would never in a million years compare hard-working Filipinas who have several college degrees with the career women in the West.They are good because they are extremely easy to have sex with, even if you don’t pay them.They are bad because by seducing them you risk being robbed and if you are really intoxicated with love you will be used as .No matter how you call them, it is quite dangerous to bang them and if I were you I would think twice before I do it.From what I have heard from a guy who banged half of the Asian continent, Filipinas are even less aware of wearing condoms than Thai girls.All the educated and independent Pinays that I have dated were extremely caring, did everything to please me and behaved like the archetype of femininity. Another group that is more interested in gaining sexual experiences with a foreigner than taking you to the cleaners is the group of curious college girls.

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