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Under the rule, the court may consolidate on its own motion, even over the parties’ objections. Some factors to consider are whether consolidation will: 1) delay your trial date; 2) increase or save expenses; 3) join you in front of a jury with a party who is sympathetic or unsympathetic; 4) join your opponent in front of a jury with a party who is sympathetic or unsympathetic. If you have grounds to consolidate, before cases may be consolidated for trial, they should be set before the same judge. Next, prepare a proposed agreed order granting the motion to consolidate and submit the motion, stipulation, and agreed order to the court.

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"This puts every Cabinet member on notice that for the last seven months in office, we are going to inexorably begin the conversion to a centralized IT function at OIT," Christie said. Bob Martin can focus on protecting the environment, not worrying about how his IT is working.

Beth Connolly can worry about dealing with the human services she has across the state.

If you do decide that consolidation is appropriate for your case, then you must determine if you have grounds to consolidate. Set the matter for hearing and provide the court with case law that supports consolidation in your case.

Ultimately, you must make the decision in the best interests of your client. 3d DCA 1981); 3) consolidation saves judicial resources, see State v. If all counsel do not agree to consolidate, submit the motion and a memorandum of law showing why the court should consolidate the cases.

The effort, to be led by state Chief Technology Officer Dave Weinstein, gives the Office of Information Technology the authority to manage technology operations and personnel across all state agencies.

The effort, Christie said, will begin with inventory of each department and agency's IT assets and identification of common assets that can be combined.

In complex, multiple plaintiff cases, the court may through stipulation and court order allow a “test case” to be tried by one plaintiff to establish liability for all similarly situated plaintiffs.

Any new pleadings, motions, or other documents in the surviving action will have the caption of the surviving action only and this caption should reflect the case numbers of the consolidated cases.

Cases consolidated for trial do not lose their separate identities.

Chris Christie announced following the signing of an executive order Thursday.

This article addresses the pros and cons, procedures and methods of consolidating cases. The decision on whether to consolidate requires in depth knowledge of your case and a multi-tiered analysis of the pros and cons of consolidation.


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