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It’s the normal reader we use here for PDFs and EPUBS.If you intend to print the book to put on your bookshelf then I recommend you download the PDF version.These books have been collected over the years primarily for their Historical value in teaching us about the way prior generations lived.

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The typographical errors are easily noticeable and can be easily overlooked since the correct word is obvious in context.

In more technical books especially those with formulas or a lot of numerical data the errors can render the EPUB version virtually useless without referencing the original PDF to verify information.

In almost every case the primary text of the books is usable and clear.

However printing EPUBs can be problematical depending on your available software and your system.

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These are the two most common programs used to read the Library files.

However in many of the EPUBs parts of the original books are garbled during conversion.

That affects primarily indexes, title pages and the like.

Adobe reader is a commercial program and read only PDFs.

Sumatra is a free and open source program which reads not only PDFs of EPUBS and a variety of other formats. Many of these books are from an age before Attorneys and Government Agencies existed to protect us from ourselves, the world and ensure that we’d all live forever and never suffer a scratch, bruise or other injury.

When reading EPUB Versions of Technical books ALWAYS check the original scanned version in the PDF version where Numerical, Chemical or other Technical data is involved.


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