Chat aunty profile - Niall horan confirms dating demi lovato

Well, according to a source, it's easygoing, but it's real: "Demi's told the guys backstage she and Niall are loosely dating. ) are taking it slow on account of their busy schedules and international obligations, this has a chance to be more than just a fling.It's casual but they are definitely dating."While Horan and Lovato (Lovoran? We're not trying to read too much into it, but Lovato did say, "I don't want a relationship over Skype, [and] we share the philosophy that the right one is worth waiting for."Looks like Lovato, 20, has given up her thing for older men (at least for now). Answer the poll above and hit up the comments section below to weigh in.I want to make sure he — or any of them really, I just don't know the other guys as well — has someone to hang out with in the States.

But, I'm in a place right now where I'm not dating. You never know what the future holds of course, but for now I am an independent woman and proud of it!

17: Are you and Niall going to hang out when he's in the States for the MTV Music Video Awards next month? I'm just so busy because I'm still performing shows on the weekends, but hopefully I'll have time.17: You are such astyle star!

DL: I can definitely tell which contestants have confidence and which ones don't.

To be a great performer, you have to be able to captivate an audience and that takes confidence.

Goulding, 28, and Horan, 22, were all smiles while embracing and posing for a photo backstage.

In addition to Goulding and One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, DNCE, Calvin Harris, Tove Lo, Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes (with Camila Cabello), Charlie Puth and Zedd also took the stage.

The first day, she was a little nervous, but as time went on, she became a lot more comfortable. (Click here to watch a video of Demi and her mentee!

)Joe Jonas and Tyler Blackburn are also Acuvue mentors!

Kim Kardashian, he didn’t blink an eye: “Demi, definitely.” Aww! Last year Demi dated singer: “We were really just best friends and to be honest I couldn’t be more proud of her. I was very proud to be there for her when she needed me and she was there for me a number of times too . Here’s what she told B104 radio: Q: “You know we mentioned your name is popping up in relationship news. You can publicy confirm that you know of someone named Niall who plays in a band.

There's no love lost between Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan.

Are there any fashion trends you are loving right now?


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