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Has he always had these tendencies or is it fairly recent change in his temperament?

I just wonder if there's been a change in the wee man's life and thus is the way he's reacting to it? Hugs to u all and hope that u can resolve his temper xx Instead of whittling about presents I would urge you to make a GP appointment to discuss your sons behaviour and anger issues.

At 8 he's old enough to understand what he shouldn't be doing. Hi Jackie The present withholding is entirely up to u and ur oh!

I wanted to talk about the wee man's anger and violence towards you both and please don't find me intrusive I just want o offer some kind of support as it sounds that u are having an awful time with him!

I'd get him a few presents but probably leave off the main one until he starts behaving.

Otherwise he's going to think that he'll get his way regardless.

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Its important to work out what the root cause is so that you can help him to manage his behaviour. Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app Is it just at home that he has this anger? Has anything changed in the home environment and he's finding it hard to cope?

Has he always acted like this or is it a new thing?

I want to leave out his main present for Christmas (Go Pro) but I know I'll feel guilty!

😩😱 I would get the present but I wouldn't give it to him at Christmas I would tell him his behaviour needs to change and until he stops hitting and giving cheek he will not have what he wants.

That's a huge amount of things for a child to adjust too so it's going to take some time, patience and good parenting to get him through it. A health visitor may be able to arrange a parenting class etc.

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