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Mary’s stats Scoring: Ben Schmidt, 15; Cole Gendreau, 13; Luke Kambeitz, 11; Matt Guenther, 9; John Nordberg, 7; Steve Hutzenbiler, 5Rebounding: Hutzenbiler, 6; Nordberg, 4; Schmidt, 3; Kembeitz, 3Assists: Gendreau, 3; Kambeitz, 3Steals: Gendreau, 4; Kambeitz, 2; Hutzenbiler, 2Minot stats Scoring: Alex Schimke, 19; Peyton Lamoureux, 18; Justin Engg, 15; Lofton Kalbunde, 12; Trevor Banks, 10; Chandler Albertson, 8; Jack Ziegler, 2; Bryce Bechtold, 2; Paxton Wahlund, 2; Owen Wheeler, 2; Terrell Moore, 1Rebounding: Engg, 12; Schimke, 9; Lamoureux, 3; Max Olthoff, 3; Klabunde, 3Assists: Banks, 5; Lamoureux, 3; Engg, 3Steals: Klabunde, 4; Schimke, 3Notes: Minot outscored St.Mary’s 50-22 in the opening half…Minot had five players in double figures, including Justin Engg who had a double-double (points-rebounds)…St.In May the project passed the early milestone of pouring this new concrete.

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There are also many other projects that will begin in the coming weeks.

Motorists are reminded to use caution when driving through construction zones.

Wagner Construction is the contractor on the Third Phase of the Downtown Infrastructure Improvements Project, and with crews working in three separate areas they are moving quickly on underground work.

Phase 3 work is progressing on eight blocks in northeast, southeast, and southwest in the downtown area.

Records: Minot, 4-0 Overall; 3-0 WDA; Century, 3-1 Overall; 0-1 WDAMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 12; Chandler Albertson, 13; Jaxon Gunville, 2; Trevor Banks, 10; Justin Engg, 20; Alex Schmike, 12; Lofton Klabunde, 10; Brett Lunde, 4Rebounding: Engg, 9; Schimke, 6Assists: Schimke, 5; Johnson, 3; Jack Ziegler, 3Steals: Johnson, 3; Schmike, 3St.

Mary’s stats Scoring: Cole Gendreau, 13; Luke Kambeitz, 13; Steve Hutzenbiler, 4; John Nordberg, 12; Matthew Guenther, 7; Ben Schmidt, 5Rebounding: Kambeitz, 8; Nordberg, 6Assists: Nordberg, 2; Hutzenbiler, 2Blocks: Guenther, 1Notes: Minot won both regular season meetings…Minot shot 48 percent from the field…St.

Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 14; Chandler Albertson, 7; Trevor Banks, 1; Justin Engg, 20; Peyton Lamoureux, 11; Alex Schimke, 13; Lofton Klabunde, 6; Brett Lunde, 8; Max Olthoff, 2Rebounding: Klabunde, 5; Engg, 4; Lamoureux, 4Assists: Johnson, 4; Engg, 3Steals: Lamoureux, 3; Klabunde, 3Jamestown stats Scoring: John Horgan, 30; Boden Skunberg, 10; Beau Waldock, 6; Mason Walters, 6; Adam Reiten, 4; Dawson Douty, 2Rebounding: Reiten, 11; Douty, 5; Horgan, 5; Mason Walters, 5Assists: Horgan, 3; Douty, 2; Waldock, 2; Ethan Haut, 2Steals: Douty, 1 Reiten, 1Blocks: Waldock, 1Notes: Minot has won 18 straight games, dating back to last season…Minot received 28 points from its bench reserves…Jamestown is 1-1 at home.

Records: Minot, 7-0 Overall; 5-0 WDA; Jamestown, 1-6 Overall; 0-5 WDALegacy stats Scoring: Jason Hoekstra, 22; Hunter Humann, 8; Koby Bosch, 6; Braxton Erhardt, 3; Devin Beck, 5; Cole Svihovec, 6; Austin Wolf, 12Rebounding: Wolf, 11; Svihovec, 8Assists: Beck, 3; Svihovec, 2; Wolf, 2Steals: Svihovec, 2Blocks: Svihovec, 2Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 14; Trevor Banks, 8; Justin Engg, 23; Peyton Lamoureux, 12; Alex Schimke, 10; Lofton Klabunde, 2; Max Olthoff, 3Rebounding: Johnson, 9; Klabunde, 5Assists: Johnson, 6; Schimke, 4Steals: Johnson, 3; Lamoureux, 2; Schimke, 2Blocks: Engg, 1Notes: Minot won its 22nd straight game, dating back to last year…Minot received 40 points in the paint…Legacy got 16 second chance points.

Mary’s is 1-4 at home Records: Minot, 12-0 Overall; 10-0 WDA; St. Red River, 0-1 Overall; 0-0 EDC; Minot, 1-0 Overall; 0-0 WDATMCHS stats Scoring: Seth Gillis, 21; Kobe Gourneau, 14; Nate Lafountain, 11; Jackson Davis, 5; Loren Lunday, 4; Trevor Baker, 4; Taven Azure, 3; Rehoon La Vallie, 2; Colten Birkland, 2; Tanner Brien, 2Minot stats Scoring: Peyton Lamoureux, 27; Justin Engg, 20; Ky Juan Johnson, 13; Chandler Albertson, 10; Trevor Banks, 10; Brett Lunde, 8; Jackson Gunville, 5; Alex Schimke, 5; Bryce Bechtold, 2; Max Olthoff, 1; Jack Ziegler, 1Notes: The 102 points scored was a season-high for Minot…Minot’s Peyton Lamoureux was 9 of 11 from three point range…TMCHS’ Seth Gillis had a team-high 21 points.

Mary’s, 5-8 Overall; 3-7 WDAGF Red River stats Scoring: Justin Slaughter, 24; Cody Robertson, 18; Mason Benefield, 16; Tyler Enerson, 11; Jordan Polynise, 4; Garrett Eken, 2Minot stats Scoring: Justin Engg, 18; Ky Juan Johnson, 16; Peyton Lamoureux, 14; Chandler Albertson, 13; Alex Schimke, 11; Trevor Banks, 9; Lofton Klabunde, 4; Max Olthoff, 4Notes: Five Minot players were in double figures…Minot won its 12th straight game dating back to last season... Records: TMCHS, 5-3 Overall; 4-3 WDA; Minot, 9-0 Overall; 7-0 WDAMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 24; Trevor Banks, 5; Justin Engg, 14; Peyton Lamoureux, 14; Alex Schmike, 11; Lofton Klabunde, 2; Max Olthoff, 2Rebounding: Engg, 7; Johnson, 5; Schimke, 5; Klabunde, 5Assists: Schimke, 6; Banks, 4Steals: Johnson, 4Blocks: Engg, 1; Schimke, 1Legacy stats Scoring: Devin Beck, 11; Cole Svihovec, 12; Austin Wolf, 21; Hunter Humann, 3; Tyler Boone, 2; Braxton Erhardt, 8; Grant Edison, 7Rebounding: Hoekstra, 9; Wolf, 7; Svihovec, 7Assists: Wolf, 5; Hoekstra, 5Steals: Edison, 1; Beck, 1; Svihovec, 1; Hoekstra, 1Notes: Minot won both regular season meetings…Legacy had three players in double figures…Minot was 12 of 27 from three point range.

The project has an overall completion date of late October.


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