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EA Sports also offered a downloadable cover for FIFA 13 for Major League Soccer, featuring Chris Wondolowski of the San Jose Earthquakes, Fredy Montero of Seattle Sounders FC, Tim Cahill of the New York Red Bulls, and Darren Mattocks of Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

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Players and other items in this mode take the form of cards, which are obtained through buying packs or from buying directly from other players through the auction house.

There are three different tiers of cards; bronze, silver and gold, indicating their quality (lowest being non-rare bronze, highest being rare gold).

Seasons mode allows players to progress through an online league system by being pitted against players of a similar skill level.

After the user chooses a real-world team to play as, an online player with similar skills and a similar star level team is found as an opponent.

Career mode this year has been updated, with players being able to manage an international team as well as a club.

Players managing their particular clubs can manage to quit their jobs as a national coach.

EA Sports also offered downloadable covers for each MLS team with a player from that club being featured.

The teams and players were: The Wii and Play Station Vita versions of FIFA 13 are recycled previous year titles rather than brand new, ground-up developments.

There are 46 international teams on FIFA 13 as confirmed on the EA website. India, Bolivia and Venezuela return to the main series after an 11-year hiatus since FIFA Football 2002.

Croatia was removed from the international teams, as they could not reach the licensing agreement.

Players can choose their international squad to be played for international matches in career mode.

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