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Symbols with yellow borders are the sites where multiple dating methods, including radiometric techniques, were applied.Symbols with white borders are the sites dated using biostratigraphy and/or palaeomagnetism without radiometric dating.

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(B) Bison schoetensacki, right metacarpal in dorsal view (Val-A7-B1–3748).

(C) Bison schoetensacki, left radio-ulna with the diaphyses and the proximal extremity of radius (Val-D4-DE11-171), in dorsal-medial view, showing anthropic activities.

The most striking sections are the refectory, with its high, narrow windows, and the magnificent cloister, with its fine sculptures.

The exterior walls of the splendid Gothic monastery La Merveille (built by 1228) combine the powerful characteristics of a military and the simplicity of a religious building.

To improve the time scale for deposition of the Vallonnet Cave infilling, a dating program was undertaken using radiometric dating techniques combined with paleomagnetism in a well-known stratigraphic context (Supplementary Fig. Our reconnaissance studies utilized U-Th dating methods on speleothems (Fig.

2, Supplementary Table 1 and Supplementary Note 3).The method was pioneered in the study of Quaternary speleothems from Winnat’s Head Cave Large mammal fauna from Vallonnet Cave.(A) Pachycrocuta brevirostris, left mandible with dp2, dp3, P4, M1 in lateral view (Val-C4-CE8–149).The houses (now mainly hotels or tourist shops) along the narrow street winding up to the abbey date in some cases to the 15th century. The first “Out of Africa” migrations represent a seminal event in the history of humankind.Here, we apply the uranium-lead (U-Pb) methods to two flowstones to date the intervening archaeological levels.

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