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And those big hands and shoulders of hers can land a big punch. Why even present a scenario that isn't even close to what happened? It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

I remember working late and watching that game here in Sweden.

Before you knew, everyone in the work place was more into the game than what we were supposed to be doing... But the referee in that game made pretty much everyone turn against Brazil.

The face shove from Seger on Sarah happened at around 85 minutes into the match.

Abby went straight to Seger and Bompastor had to pull her away and the ref was coming to interfere.

Sure, Abby was at the right place at the right time, but come on, that pass from Pinoe was perfect. She was practically dead on her feet from exhausting so making sure that she was in that spot was well done, but IMO that goal was all Rapinoe.

I may be the only one but that video makes it seem like Rapinoe is the one who did all the amazing skill.

Despite everyone in the know being aware Wambach was gay during the Olympics, she still chose to not go public for more than a year after, missing a chance to show the world a high-profile LGBT athlete at the top of her game winning a gold medal.

It's pretty much been established that the members of the U. Rapinoe's friend (and Canadian national team member) Carmelina Moscato sent the injured American star a text on Sunday asking where she was watching the big game. In a USA Today article on the unpopularity of the stadium's vegan dog offering, Wambach was pictured getting actual hot dog, while Levy walked over (alone) for the non-meat option.

23 Stories.” and in her clip, Megan Rapinoe shares memories growing up with her twin, Rachael.


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