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He wants to convince her that she is just as good as her rich friends by giving her something expensive of her own.Our trio ends up at Hardy’s house party (80s-style, with packed, smoky rooms of dancing partiers), where Keith realizes Amanda knew nothing of the plot to beat him up.

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Amanda sweetly gives back the earrings and tells Keith to give them to Watts.

He does, and the film ends with a real Keith/Watts kiss and the timeless line, “You look good wearing my future.” They walk into the rain to an irresistible remake of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by a band with a regrettable name, Lick the Tins.

Watts yearns for romance with Keith but she’s too proud to let on, and Keith is oblivious.

Keith sets his romantic sights on Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson).

His only friend is the tomboy Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson).

Watts is teased at school for her butch look and has only her drums and Keith to sustain her.If you were already getting shit for being a presumed lesbian in 1987, imagine how much more you'd get if you were a confirmed lesbian. Now before you can say it, I want to acknowledge that, as in all Secretly Gay Movies, it's completely possible to have a character like Watts who is straight as an arrow and simply enjoys dressing like she just walked out of a 1992 San Francisco leather bar. Sure, straight girls can rock a pixie cut, but a short haircut like that a leather motorcycle jacket reads more Jenny Shimizu than Mia Farrow. Not even an acoustic guitar at the Michigan Womyn’s Festival is more gay than the drums. Really it must be a drag to be a slave to the male sex drive.Secretly Gay Movies is oftentimes just as aspirational as it is observational. So other than Watts constantly drumming on things, wearing lots of mandarin collars, and some of the best secondhand leather vests money can buy, we can just Amanda Jones. Fortunately, I couldn't care less about the male sex drive. Watts: (sarcastic) Oh, you wanna start a book club with her?She’s from the wrong side of town too, but her beauty has gained her acceptance into the super-snobby, super-rich clique.Keith gets a date with Amanda by catching her just as she tells her obnoxious, two-timing boyfriend to—in 80s terms—“kiss off.” The boyfriend, Hardy Jenns (possibly the greatest snob-name of all time, played with relish by Craig Sheffer) invites Keith and Amanda to spend their date at a party at his house.Even though I don't believe it was intentional on Hughes' part, in both movies the fantastically cool but overlooked best friend is super, super gay.

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