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Marlin does not warrant against any type of defect to the firearm that Marlin did not cause, including but not limited to damage or defects arising out of: 1. Furthermore, no individual or entity other than Marlin possesses the authority to alter the obligations, limitations, disclaimers, or exclusions under this warranty.

Internet auction sites will have them starting at $300 to "BUY NOW" for $1200. There are many variables such as if the stock has been shortened or is there a Polly-Choke on the end of the barrel. However, it would be a good action to use if you wanted to build a custom hunting rifle.   == Answer ==     i have been asking the same question for years.

Both of...== Answers ==   == ==   There is no single resource for all firearms.   == Answer Winchester 61 hints ==   A model 61 Winchester is a collectable rifle that would be no problem selling. If it is a single caliber, meaning .22 long only, or .22 short only, also a plus. I have found 1 to be sold on line, but have never been able to find out who manufactured it.

Others have the suffix “R” (on both regular and featherweight frames). Serial numbers of guns produced by the Marlin Firearms Company (1968-71) had a prefix of FWM.

You will need to know if the shotgun is pre-1913 or later gun because some of the early serial numbers were repeated in later years.

The Purchaser’s remedies under this warranty are limited to repair or replacement of the firearm; Marlin will not provide cash, credit, or refund nor will Marlin return any parts that it replaced. INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE MEANS ANY LOSS, EXPENSE, OR OTHER DAMAGE THAT CANNOT BE REMEDIED BY EITHER REPAIRING ANY DEFECT IN THE FIREARM OR BY REPLACING THE FIREARM.

For avoidance of doubt, this warranty does not apply to or cover any defects associated with any on-gun, or off-gun, part or accessory that Marlin includes with your firearm that (a) is capable of being readily detached and, or, replaced, (b) bears the name of a brand other than Marlin, or (c) includes any glass or electronic component. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.It has a 19" Micro-Groove rifled barrel, cross-bolt safety, manual bolt hold-open and a patented automatic "last-shot" bolt hold-open.The tubular magazine holds up to 14 Long Rifle rounds since the late-1980s, the capacity of the rifle was reduced to a 15 round maximum limit, to meet NJ's firearms law for semi-automatic assault weapons.In 1866 Oliver Winchester bought control of New Haven Arms Company and changed the name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.Model 1866, called the Yellow Boy lever action, was the first gun to bear the Winchester name, and was known as "the gun that won the west." The company is still producing quality firearms today.SERIAL NUMBERS OFTEN ALLOW YOU TO DETERMINE YEAR OF MANUFACTURE Knowing the year your vintage firearm was made makes it easier to decide which gun catalog we sell will give you the best information about the company, models made and more.

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