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“Who’s the genius who decided to do road construction on all three parallel southbound highways causing a massive traffic jam for me each morning? I loaded up my playlists with worship music, audio books and podcasts.

” I screamed while screeching into my parking space at work while bitterness steamed out of my ears. Suddenly, built into my day was almost two hours of time to spend with God and read the books I never quite get around to.

He has also written for CNN, Fox News, and The Washington Post.

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These demands are Jesus’s way of showing us who he is and what he expects of us.

They are not harsh demands originating from a selfish desire to control, but rather loving directions for our good and ultimate satisfaction.

I have so many things I want to accomplish in this one short life. There are so many things in life I want to accomplish.

is not a catchphrase for me; it’s a cliff I walk beside every day with trembling. I simply could not do what I do if I watched television.

” On paper I am so embarrassed by my #firstworldentitlement. After a few frustrating weeks, an invitation started to break through my anger.

For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I never said that in my life.” Almost as soon as it was out of my mouth, I felt: “What a jerk, Piper! I can’t give an answer for what Mark means by “buy extra DVRs,” but I can tell you why my advice sounds different. One reason is that it is virtually impossible to transition from being entertained by nudity to an act of “beholding the glory of the Lord.” But this means the entire Christian life is threatened by the deadening effects of sexual titillation.There are, perhaps, a few extraordinary men who can watch action-packed, suspenseful, sexually explicit films and come away more godly. Television takes us almost constantly in the opposite direction, lowering, shrinking, and deadening our capacities for worshiping Christ.One more smaller concern with TV (besides its addictive tendencies, trivialization of life, and deadening effects): It takes time.Mark and Grace were married at the age of 21, and by 25 were planting their first church in the living room of their home while they both worked full-time jobs.A year later, they welcomed their first child, and today, Mark and Grace have three sons and two daughters who are all walking with Jesus.He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody.

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