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“When you delay keeping track of your accomplishments and various developments in your career, when you do need a résumé it will be a scramble to remember some of the important activities and milestones that are uniquely special and distinguish you from the mass of other folks in job search,” says Roy Cohen, an executive coach and author of By 40, you’ve seen how valuable a personal network of like-minded, ambitious professionals is in helping you get a new job, promotion, or do your work better.You’ve also seen how much work building this network can be.

You should have a handful of fun stories that will entertain both friends and strangers, and know how to calibrate them, depending on the audience and circumstances (yes, you should skip the more ribald stuff at work events).

“The best storytellers look to their own memories and life experiences for ways to illustrate their message,” writes Carolyn O’Hara in the Harvard Business Review.

In your early years in the workforce, you would update your résumé when you needed a new job.

But not only has the world of recruitment changed (with Linked In allowing for anyone to check out your career history with a Google search) but you should have also learned that a résumé is something that is best updated frequently.

While you’re improving yourself, be sure to read about the Best Ways to Bulletproof Your Immune System.

You don’t have to be a brilliant comedian or charismatic actor to hold court at a meeting, wedding, or cocktail party.And if you get anxiety over stage fright, learn to fight back with The 5 Biggest Male Stressors—Conquered.Now that you are in your 40s, you need to not only be able to admit your error, but also be able to strengthen trust and relationships in the process.Taking notice of other people is a powerful social skill that you need to master now that you’re in your 40s.It’s not all about you any longer.” And don’t forget: if you’re still on the market, check out our Best Dating Apps for Men Over 40.“Learning how to sincerely apologize is an essential social skill that helps to decrease resentment and conflict in most relationships,” says Derichs. ”); (4) Showing remorse (“I’ll try not to do that again.”); and (5) Asking for forgiveness are all ways in which you can learn to apologize.


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