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Yes, New York Post has reported on an online survey that asked 22,753 hetrosexual members of a dating website called 'Saucy Dates,' to rate their last root, from 0 to 10.

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O' Gorman, as many of you will recognise, is currently starring in The Hobbit alongside the likes of Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage and Andy Serkis. At things like premieres and, to a lesser extent, things like the conventions, I experience the reach that these films have.

He was also in Mc Leod's Daughters (for those Aussie soap fans), but that's a conversation for another day... I don’t know, I don’t really think about it because it’s not really a lot of point in thinking about it, you know?

You know, over the next few months or whatever, things will settle back down to relative normality and I can get on…If anything, the experience has shown me that you just never know where your life’s going to go, you know?

I guess actors are more prone to that, because you can get a job out of the blue so quickly and it changes things, but it’s a really good example for me.

I think I’d have to be a complete douchebag if I said 'yes' to that question. I don’t know, what people find attractive and what people don’t…That’s the thing with The Hobbit, like The Lord of the Rings, some people approach it from ‘the world’, from the Tolkien world, so they like 'characters' from within that world.

I don’t necessarily think it’s about me, I think it’s about how they perceive the character and how attractive that character is to them.

Supanova is currently going down in Adelaide this weekend for another year, drawing the pop culture geeks out in force for three days of pure awesomeness.

As well as sitting in on some great panels and avoiding being stalked by Chewbacca, I had a chat with Dean O' Gorman, one of the ' Supa-Star Guests'. I don’t really think I could ever really get a perspective on it, because I’ve got such a different way of looking at this, because I’ve been so involved in the process.

I mean, Dwarvish women, according to that world, have beards and that’s considered pretty hot! So me and Kili would be like, "Where are you going to get some good facial hair? For me, the challenge was also trying to keep my shit together for the first couple of weeks, when I was surrounded by people like Andy Serkis and Ian Mc Kellen!

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