Kitty dudley puppy dating fanfiction

Although not a technical crossover, a few people have marked this as one, the characters from Aaahh!!!Real Monsters make a cameo in the Rugrats episode "Ghost Story".The episode featured Addie Singer with Megan in a video on her website called "Doing Stuff to Josh While he Sleeps".

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In a rare live-action crossover with a Nicktoon, the episode "Daydreaming & Gym" actually featured characters from The Fairly Odd Parents.

Cosmo and Wanda help Ned and Moze to save the kids from Sweeney so they can eat pizza.

Several months later, another sequel crossover television film, The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators premiered in July 2006.

The opening theme song is a mix of "Leave It All to Me" and an instrumental variation of the Victorious theme song "Make it Shine".

Coco from Zoey 101 appears in the episode "#First Class Problems".

Power Rangers Super Megaforce had a crossover with previous Power Rangers Samurai named "Samurai Surprise", which featured the return on Jayden Shiba & Mentor Ji.

Skeeter and Kenan have to take charge and rescue their friends.

Drake & Josh had a crossover episode with a character from Unfabulous in the episode titled "Honor Council" which aired on November 28, 2004.

Stacey has now appeared in two episodes of i Carly (first being "i Start a Fan War"). Patchy The Pirate (Sponge Bob Square Pants) appeared in Big Time Beach Party. A character from Drake & Josh appears on an episode of Victorious when Helen Dubois, the movie premiere manager from Drake & Josh appears in the episode "Helen Back Again".


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