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The film contains a lot of violence but even more absurd and demoralizing humor, so the whole thing never really becomes disturbing or provocative. Rose Mc Gowan's character Amy is the closest thing to a cult/trash queen we saw in the 90's and her naked body is always a joy to behold.

James Duvall (sort of like Araki's lead in his entire teenage-alienation trilogy) is terrific as the confused teenager with the `whatever' attitude!

The Doom Generation is a speed-driven and absurd road movie against all forms of good taste.

A young couple, accompanied by a trigger-happy madman, faces the most eccentric situations and deal with the most extravagant characters.

Imagine yourself a lesser-hyped version of `Natural Born Killers' and exclude that last bit of political correctness.

It seems like Araki was testing how far he could go…and then cheerfully exaggerated some more.

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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated Amazon Rating: Hearing the news that her father is suffering from dementia, Dana reluctantly returns to her childhood home on Orcas Island.

Once there, she discovers that the home is facing foreclosure.

Heck, even his colorful slang – which includes a whole dictionary of genitalia synonyms – alone is worth the effort.

The Doom Generation is one the most special films of the past decade and it really deserves the cult-followings it developed over the years.

Gregg Araki's visions are downright brilliant from time to time.

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