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None of the allegations have been proven in court and a statement of defence has not been filed.

Edmonton Matchmakers has not responded to CBC Edmonton's repeated requests for comment.

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"In my case it was a very poor match," wrote one customer.

"After that, you might as well just write your money off.

"She continuously bombarded me with questions: Why hadn't I met somebody at the church I attended? That women my age didn't have much time left and these statements were made over and over again." Clark was taking Oxycontin after a recent hip replacement surgery in addition to breaking her foot.

The lawsuit says the sales person was "well aware" of Clark's health condition, but convinced her to pay $10,494.75 for a membership.

Breakfast - Until 11am Breakfast Bagel: Ham, Egg, Cheddar - $5.5 Breakfast Bagel: Turkey, Egg, Swiss, Salsa - $5.5 Italian Grilled Breakfast Sandwich: Egg, Capicollo, Provolone - $8 Breakfast Wrap: Bacon, Ham, Egg, Cheese - $7.5 Spinach Egg Feta Wrap $7 Spicy Breakfast Wrap: Egg, Schiracha, Cheese, Ham, Bacon - $8 Smoked Salmon, Egg, Avocado Wrap-$8.5 Grilled Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey Sandwich - $7 Lox Bagel - $7 Toast/Bagel and Jam - $2.75 Bagel with Cream Cheese - $3.5 Add Tomato or Cucumber - $1 Yogurt Parfait - $5.5 Spinach with Nuts, Berries, Goat Cheese, Citrus Vinaigrette - S: $7 L: $9 Mixed Greens with Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion Basil Vinaigrette - S: $6.5 L: $8.5 Caesar - S: $7 L: $9 Caprese - S: $7 L: $9 Rainbow Baby Kale w/ Beets, Walnuts, Blue Cheese S: 7$ L: 9$ Add Chicken or Smoked Salmon - $5.5 Italian Grill: Capicollo, Prosciutto, Genoa, Provolone, Tomato on Ciabbatta - $9 Vegetarian Grill: Roast Peppers, Artichokes, Olives, Bocconcini, Pesto on Ciabatta - $8 Ham with Havarti on Sunflower Bread with Caper Aioli - $8.5 Smoked Turkey Club with Monterey Jack, Cranberry Chutney on Whole Wheat - $8.75 Montreal Smoked Meat with Swiss on Rye - $8.75 Reuben on Marble Rye - $9 Beef, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Red Onion on Pretzel BUn - $9 Chicken, Brie, Apple, Cranberry on Ciabatta - $9 Cafe Rista opened in September 2010 with the mission to spread good Italian espresso, locally roasted artisan coffee and fresh food to Edmonton's West End.

We specialise in fresh and prompt service of breakfast and lunch, using quality sourced ingredients and local where possible.

Edmonton's Better Business Bureau gives Edmonton Matchmakers a rating of A- but several customer reviews are less flattering.

They echo Clark's allegations of high-pressure sales tactics, unsuitable matches and a lack of referrals.

She told CBC she felt angry and embarrassed but decided to go public to warn others.


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