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and says the time is now for MLB to kick its umpires to the curb.Canseco tells TMZ Sports he’s a HUGE fan of instant replay– loves it — and he’s all for expanding on it.

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In this case, the agenda serves a practical purpose in that it tells them what they’re doing.

So what in the world is she doing with Jose Canseco?

When you think you’re going over the top, keep on going.” FUN!

They were leaving in 24 hours and the written agenda was, in a word, boring. 😉 He wanted me to take the prepared agenda and make it read like a James Patterson novel, with intrigue, fun, and more than a few cocktail references. I work with clients on marketing strategy and optimization, and sure, the written communication is part of that, but it’s not where I focus. But I couldn’t resist when he told me this: “Don’t hold back.

She’s 28, blonde and beautiful; he’s 48, broke and bankrupt. Not exactly a perfect match for a pair that first canoodled over cocktails at The Perfect Game, especially as the slugger is known for hitting on women as hard as he once hit ’em out of the park.

I caught up with Hubbard this week at the courthouse as she prepared to argue Canseco’s lawsuit against the Worcester Tornadoes. Turns out, he was about to lead a group of entrepreneurs on a combo vacation/networking trip to Cuba. ” (Yes, this is what constitutes an “emergency” in my world…! (I’ve heard this called “edutainment.” I like that! I want that agenda to reflect the craziness of this trip, not read like a history textbook! Here’s how to make sure YOUR writing sings like Carmen Miranda (who is from Brazil, but the reference is good. And the more fun we could make the agenda, the better the chance they’d actually read it. But they don’t need to know that the brick wall was built with bricks from the original castle blah blah blah. I follow the 80/20 rule: 20 percent cold, hard facts cloaked in 80 percent style, story and entertainment. It works for marketing, for articles, and for Facebook posts. “I didn’t throw anything away for Jose,” said the lovely lawyer, who reportedly threw it all away for Jose. “I don’t want to talk about it.”She’s apparently the only one.At the courthouse and beyond, everyone is buzzing about the ballplayer and the barrister, about how Hubbard abandoned a promising career with the Worcester district attorney as soon as Jose crooked his big, muscled finger. They will, however, get a good laugh when you teach them how to say, “Do you know a good lawyer? Instead, this piece was intended to set the tone for the trip — letting attendees know they were going to have scheduled events, but it was focused on FUN with some education sprinkled in. Yes, they want to know they’re going to one of the oldest nightclubs in Havana. Now I’m off to enjoy a daiquiri – which, rumor has it, was invented in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.


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  2. Adhering to the series' mom-n-pop sensibilities, Superman Returns is an at-times stately tribute to Donner's take on the character.

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  4. “I think there is a possibility [that these algorithms] could evolve to better predict long-term compatibility.

  5. Let me know a little about yourself and perhaps your number one fantasy.

  6. The rise of social media has also made it easy to get a quick picture of a suitor’s personality in less time. There are dating platforms being made to cater to people of all sorts of characteristics, values, interest, and backgrounds.

  7. And so I began researching the science of how we form relationships.

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