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He said: “We are fortunate not to be under any commercial pressure to release our whisky so we will wait until the whisky is at its absolute best, which could be in ten, 12 or 15 years’ time, only time will tell.“Inch Dairnie is the culmination of a dream and everything I’ve learnt about whisky-making over the last four decades.

Professor of Economics, UCL and director, ESRC Centre for the Micro-Economic Analysis of Public Policy IFS.

For services to promoting research and policy change in Africa. Chief executive, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. (Willaston, Cheshire) Roger Michael De Haan, CBE, DL. For services to Education and to charity in Kent and Overseas.

Chairman, Business in the Community and The Prince's Countryside Fund.

Formerly Executive director, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

Head of Ticketing and Sales, Royal Collection Trust. Director, Business in the Community and The Prince's Rural Action Programme.

Inventory Controller, Household of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. It's sadly time for the Twins to move on from Big Sexy, but there are two other well-traveled vets that look like potential fits.Inch Dairnie Distillery – located in the outskirts of Kinglassie in Fife – has vowed to take a “bold, forward-thinking approach to producing Scotch malt whisky, while remaining respectful of tradition”. For public service especially to economic and social conditons in Wales. Formerly director of Public Prosecutions, Crown Prosecution Service. (London) The Rt Hon Sir Christopher Geidt, KCVO, OBE. (Dunbar, East Lothian) ROYAL VICTORIAN ORDER DCVO Lady Elizabeth Periam Acland Hood Gass. (Brackley, Northamptonshire) Dr Philip John Director General Rycroft. For services to the UK's Devolved and Coalition Governments. READ MORE: Where are the biggest growth markets for Scotch whisky?


  1. Here, self-spotting is encouraged and all radio amateurs are welcome including lurkers.

  2. North Korean men wearing suits enjoy ice cream in the sunshine, contradicting the most commonly cited cliche that North Korea is a 'destitute, starving country'.

  3. All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

  4. just like my - too early - original Google Tech Talk You Tube was recorded in 58 minutes 9 years ago in 2008. At the time of inception (2002, that is, 15 years ago) it was predicted at the outset that the breakthrough of reversing both mistaken axioms of Genomics (the Junk DNA and Central Dogma misnomers) would not be accepted very quickly - though the peer-reviewed science paper "Principle of Recursive Genome Function" appeared almost at the minute when the establishment admitted with ENCODE that "the community of scientists have to re-think long held beliefs".

  5. They understand each other like twins." Although the plaques in MGMT's bathroom are of recent vintage, Goldwasser and Van Wyngarden have been writing songs together since 2001, when they met during their first week as freshmen at Wesleyan University, a 2,700-student liberal-arts school in Connecticut that caters to academically advanced students who may not have fit into their high schools.

  6. Internal Monad There are seven of these and they refer to the main life transition points where the greatest lessons are learned.

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