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After being contacted by Mail Online about the video, Facebook admitted that a mistake had been made during the reviewing process and the video was taken down - but not before it was viewed nearly two million times, and shared by over 15,500 people.

The the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) and SOS-Racisme are suing Twitter, You Tube and Facebook for allegedly failing to uphold requirements to delete content deemed racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or defending terrorism.

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You may have heard a hip-hop or dance music DJ do the same thing.

Some rewinds are smooth, the record stopping by use of the turntable’s start/stop button, while others are a little rougher, the needle hurtling across the vinyl’s grooves as a hand frantically spins the record back. A good rewind is that rare thing in life: a product of the moment.

For the uninitiated, the rewind is the act of stopping a song—generally playing on a vinyl record or, in more recent years, on a CD—bringing it back to the start, and playing it again.

In Jamaica, rewinds are normally performed by selectors in response to crowd demand.

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Laurent Fintoni charts the history of the rewind from Jamaica all the way to modern dancefloors.

mek up yuh face when yuh deh pon mi dunnno who sang it either lolcoco do u kno that song?

tell me who sang it if u do plssssssssss Hey I am from Trinidad I heard from a Jamaican who came over here for a symposium that the dutty wine really means a woman getting anal sex while giving head to another man.

Mariah Kelly added: #Please explain to me what the f*** is so funny about humiliating and ripping this poor girls clothes to shreds while these grown a** CLOWNS jump all over her and assault her?


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  8. We recognized it, and made changes that are a lot more in line with our company, values and culture. It’s never exciting to receive harsh feedback, but it’s important to listen and take action.

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