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Besides Rudolph, Mochinaga and the rest of the Japanese puppet animation staff are also known for their partnership with Rankin/Bass on their other "Animagic" productions almost throughout the 1960s, from The New Adventures of Pinocchio, to Willy Mc Bean and his Magic Machine, to The Daydreamer and Mad Monster Party? Since those involved with the production had no idea of the future value of the stop-motion puppet figures used in the production, many were not preserved.

Rankin claimed in 2007 to be in possession of an original Rudolph figure.

Upon admiring him, they are surprised to see that Rudolph has been born with a glowing red nose.

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During flight practice, Rudolph becomes acquainted with a beautiful doe named Clarice who tells him he's cute, which causes Rudolph to fly.

However, while engaging in celebratory play with the other bucks, Rudolph's fake nose pops off, causing the others to make fun of him.

The TV special, with the teleplay by Romeo Muller, introduced several new characters inspired by the song's lyrics.

Muller told an interviewer shortly before his death that he would have preferred to base the teleplay on May's original book, but could not find a copy.

He sets out once again to find them, only to discover that they have been kidnapped by the Abominable Snow Monster.

Rudolph tries to save Clarice from being eaten, but the monster hits him in the head with a stalactite, dazing him.After the script, concept designs and storyboards for Rudolph were done by Arthur Rankin, Jr.and his staff of artists at Rankin/Bass in New York City, the company's trademark stop motion animation process, known as "Animagic", was filmed at MOM Productions in Tokyo with supervision by Tadahito Mochinaga and associate direction by Kizo Nagashima.Santa is soon distracted by Rudolph's red nose and realizes that it's light could cut through the storm.He asks Rudolph to lead the sleigh and Rudolph agrees.As with A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph no longer airs just once annually, but several times during the Christmas and holiday season on CBS.


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