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There are lots of techniques to resolve a Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen issues. The Windows 10 taskbar works similar to previous Windows versions. To Fix Start Menu and Taskbar Not Working problem, use methods below.

Windows 10 was launched in over 190 countries, and it is mounted on over 100 million PCs.

We’ve seen the rise in dating apps, including those for people who actually want to cheat on their other half.

Now jilted spouses have a new weapon at their disposal – sophisticated spying apps.

The taskbar is one of the important UI element in Windows OS.

In this article, we are going to share possible solutions to fix this issue.

Sometimes Windows 10 taskbar and start menu no longer working completely might be a nightmare.

You will justify with very little possibilities as well as your time is bound.

Some of these apps require mutual consent – e.g mcouple.

With Mcouple, both people agree to let the other see their online activity. They are basically spy ware and are installed on a spouse’s mobile without them knowing.

As a Windows 10 user, I had this issue and actually for me the thing that worked for me was reinstalling windows 10.


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