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The "designated official" for EAS broadcasts in Fictitious County is the Emergency Management Coordinator or designee.

Other officials in Fictitious County are also authorized to broadcast EAS messages.

Depending on the severity of the emergency or disaster, telephone communication may be sporadic or impossible.

It is estimated that EAS is now activated more than 100 times a month for emergencies nationwide.

The National Weather Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration requests over 90% of these activations.

In Fictitious County and its municipalities, the Public Information Officer will coordinate public information (preparedness / awareness campaigns) during normal (day-to-day) times.

When emergency incidents arise which call for the establishment of an Information Officer at the scene of an emergency, the Incident Commander on-scene is responsible for establishing this function.

The primary dissemination of emergency information will be through the media, which serves the area or areas adjacent to the emergency / disaster.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) provides for an effective, prompt and reliable way to disseminate information to the public during emergencies/disasters.

This space may be located adjacent to the EOC or other area designated by the PIO, County Manager or Emergency Management Coordinator A major activity of the Emergency Services Organization in non-emergency times is the development and refinement of Public Information Materials.

The County PIO and the Emergency Program Manager will coordinate programs of this nature.

The following approach is a typical one for emergency incidents and major emergencies / disasters.

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