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She is known for her obnoxious and nasally voice and her trademark cry of "OH MY GOD! Janice is the girlfriend of Chandler Bing since before the start of season one.Chandler wants to break up with Janice but every time he tries she bursts into tears and he ends up resuming his relationship with her in his guilt.He and Janice end up telling each other "I love you", which is terminal enough for the girls to dig into the good ice-cream themselves. Janice's ex-husband, Gary Litman starts making money off of advertising his divorce which cause more of his mattresses to sell.

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The following morning, Chandler and Janice wake up in bed together and a horrified Chandler breaks up with her, yet again.

To his surprise, Janice takes it well saying that she knows that they'll end up back together one day. Heckles, who leaves all of his possessions to Rachel and Monica, Chandler, upon discovering Heckles' diary, is disturbed to learn that when Heckles was Chandler's age, his life virtually mirrored Chandler's life at the present time.

Rachel says that she and Ross are "cuddly sleepers" and can't help him out.

Ross, on the other hand, knows exactly what Chandler is experiencing and lets him in on a secret-after Rachel has fallen asleep in his arms of a night-time, he gently rolls her to one side of the bed, which consequently enables him to sleep a lot better.

When he recounts this latest misdemeanor, the girls are about to fetch the good ice-cream which they leave for "terminal cases", when the phone rings.

Instead of heeding for their advice, Chandler is just himself with Janice, and confesses how he just wants to move forward in his relationship with her because he's crazy about her. When they deny that any of them have, she asks if any of them have "almost...", leading into the flashback.

" Chandler and Janice have rekindled their relationship, to the chagrin of Joey, who finds Janice insufferable.

He tries to talk to the group about how to get rid of her, but they seem to have accepted her into the group more easily than he has.

He even ends up poking her in the eye by accident while making a hand gesture in the midst of yet another unsuccessful attempt to break up with her.


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