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At least you’re getting some action, and at least it’s well-thought out action.

Much like dating a player, it can make you feel pretty cheap when you pick up on the fact that they’ve done .

While a player will seem non-committal the whole time, a dating choreographer might have you convinced that you’ve found someone serious, but you almost definitely haven’t. It’s a mind f*ck: Even if they really like you, and you like them back, the fact that they’ve used the same lines and booked the same hard-to-get tables for likely dozens of other people can really ruin the mood.

Here’s how to spot the dating choreographer before you get hurt.

“When it’s so accessible like that, it gives the perception that there’s always something better out there,” Fogel said.

“Unless it’s a breathtaking, magical experience, we’re not giving enough of the ‘maybes’ a chance.” There are a number of reasons why a relationship might fail to flourish after the first date.

“If you look at them and can say they’re an attractive person, but you don’t feel the lust, that wow, that spark, then you really owe it to yourself and them to go out three times,” Koehler said. you may see them in moments that make them more attractive.” Not enough time Carrie Opheim is a one-date wonder.

The 42-year-old mental health case manager’s love life has been pushed to the back burner thanks to long workdays and a steady stream of activities on her social calendar.

This is especially true of millennials, who often get labeled as the “Instant Gratification Generation.” The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that the hyper-connected lives of people age 35 and under lead to a lack of patience.

“When a young person doesn’t feel immediate chemistry, the likelihood of a second date is lower than it’s ever been,” said Tai Mendenhall, an associate professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota.

It doesn’t help that we have less than a second to impress prospective mates with our prowess.

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