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I’m thrilled to know that someone thinks enough of my work to nominate REDEMPTION AND GLORY.

This book came about as a direct result of all the things I’ve experienced since my introduction into the kinky world of BDSM and I’m extremely proud of this book.

Because women only went to college to get an MRS degree.

Plus, I think romance readers by and large expect the male to be the alpha.

And I write erotic romance because I feel you’re never too old to give or receive love.

In fact, in my latest book, ARON’S JEWEL, both hero and heroine are over fifty, and although they have real-life problems (arthritis, grown children, needy parents), they still manage to find love in the dungeon.Here’s the first line of that book: Since then I’ve actually seen such a sight, and many others I had previously pulled out of my imagination and onto the page.It was liberating to know that I wasn’t a dirty freak.Er, that I wasn’t the only dirty freak in the world 🙂 LOL.What does being nominated for the Golden Flogger Award mean to you?I had a deeply romantic relationship with my husband, and I want to celebrate his memory in my writing.


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