Hitler dating

Less than 40 hours later, they committed suicide together in a sitting room of the bunker, she by biting into a capsule of cyanide, and he by a gunshot to the head.

Braun took the role of hostess amongst the regular visitors, though she was not involved in running the household.

She regularly invited friends and family members to accompany her during her stays, the only guest to do so.

In 1933, Hitler purchased a small holiday home on the mountain at Obersalzberg.

Renovations began in 1934 and were completed by 1936.

As Nazi Germany was collapsing towards the end of the war, Braun swore loyalty to Hitler and went to Berlin to be by his side in the heavily reinforced Führerbunker beneath the Reich Chancellery.

As Red Army troops fought their way into the neighbourhood on 29 April 1945, she married Hitler during a brief civil ceremony; she was 33 and he was 56.Braun was a member of Hoffman's staff when she attended the Nuremberg Rally for the first time in 1935.Hitler's half-sister, Angela Raubal (the dead Geli's mother), took exception to her presence there, and was later dismissed from her position as housekeeper at his house in Berchtesgaden.Braun was a photographer, and many of the surviving colour photographs and films of Hitler were taken by her.She was a key figure within Hitler's inner social circle, but did not attend public events with him until mid-1944, when her sister Gretl married Hermann Fegelein, the SS liaison officer on his staff.She attempted suicide twice during their early relationship.


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