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Now trapped in a strange world where Gods, Angels & Devils run rampant, he's about to learn just what kind of road said intentions have built...provided he can finish his second year without accidentally kick-starting another Holy War."You're a pretty attractive girl, so find yourself a boyfriend." Those were the words that first made Sona Sitri think about the leader of the perverted trio Issei Hyoudou. Beacon has fallen to the white fang, Ruby and Blake have been separated from the rest of their team. Taught about being a gentleman thief by his mentor Roman, Jaune will take the world of Remnant by storm... Slight AU: What should have been from the time Gohan started school. When there Oliver finds something he's not expecting.Then when Rias revealed she wanted him as a peerage member, Sona made a decision that would change everything Issei x Sona (possible harem depending on my muse) Whitty Issei slightly OP Issei. One small thing changes the fate of an entire world. They hurriedly tried to escape, but an old man suffering at the hands of a mugger caught their attention. Until my first girlfriend ever threw a spear into my stomach. As its one and only, honest to God, criminal mastermind. This has him starting school as a Freshman rather than a Senior and is significantly more realistic. Can he help heal Barry or will Barry just shut him out.As for what happened to the moon people who were supposed to attack during the Chunin Exam...screw the moon people. Has Daichi, Yamasuke, Daira, Daiken, Takedai, Kaisuke, ect. With the Jedi Order destroyed and on the run, he and the remaining Jedi have to fight Palpatine if they are to survive. Probably doesn't help that this weird ring is helping fuel that rage though. He knows one thing though, meeting Ravel changed his fate forever. Harry Potter was the boy who lost too much and now he lost his mortality to save a life. Following the direction pointed by Dumbledore, he began the journey to find Carlisle Cullen, only to be distracted by a real-life Aphrodite he met on his way. In an alternate timeline where Gohan encounters Erasa, Videl's friend from childhood, what happens when they develop a romantic relationship? Red Hood finds himself in the MU, & while he waits for his universe to find him, he decides to protect the city he finds himself in his own special way. (I don't own anything but the plot, and the cover art isn't mine either.)What's a boy to do when he's lost everything and everyone?

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Zero to stop his plan to rebuild the Red Ribbon Army. Aiden Potter is declared the boy who lived and Harry is neglected by his parents. What most of the world didn't know, was that Kayaba Akihiko was not exactly human. After defeating Cell, Gohan decides to continue his training. Rated M for later Lemons and Gore, as well as darker and edgier themes. Unfortunately for the good doctor, said android happens to be the vessel of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Of course, the Infinite Loops are a lot more fun then Beacon Academy, as Ruby Rose is about to find out. Only a week after saving the world yet again, Ash is pushed to the edge by his so called friends and Pokemon. Featuring a powerful Naruto and a motivated Shikamaru, and that's only in the first chapters! Ch 11: In which Shikamaru in very unimpressed with the Shinobi Healthcare Having experienced the war from a young age, Naruto Uzumaki turns himself into a unique kind of a pacifist and perfectionist. Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Kara Danvers may seem like ordinary high school students, but unknown to the world, they are the costumed heroes that fight to protect Silverstone City from evil.

He is sent to live with the horrible Dursleys, who later ditches him in New York, where he meets a strange bald man in a wheel chair who takes him to a school. [Aincrad complete]Yang just wanted to be a better friend to Jaune and help cheer him up, but one thing led to another. Yang is definitely not noticing the dork more and Jaune is certainly not falling for another girl. However his experience at the Cell Games has given him an aversion to the Super Saiyan 2 form. Perseus is born as an immortal forbidden son in ancient Greek and is a son of Athena and Poseidon. Dante's shop is trashed (again), but now it's time to move on. Natsu Dragyama, a human who was raised and trained by the King of the Dark Dragons, Yoruyama, until he got killed by Acnologia, goes on a journey to find friends, adventures and a new life. Vegito learn the in five years he and the others are going to fight against Champa the God of Destruction. Gero has finally finished the work on his latest android. And he's not exactly keen on reaching his perfect form. Unfortunately for the new student of Orange Star High, Hercule Appreciation Day fell on the exact same day in which his father died. To escape it all, he travels to the region of Alola. Naruto may have been alone in his early childhood, but He isn't alone when he enters the academy. He built a village that offers peace to the people without taking anything in return. Can they balance their high school lives with their superhero lives?

Favorite Pairings: Chuck/Sarah from Chuck Naruto/RTN Hinata Luffy/Boa Ichigo/Quincy girl (any of them)Ben/Elena Danny/Kitty Wally/Zatanna Batman/Catwoman Red Hood/Talia Barry/Linda Harry/Fleur Davis/Kari MY IDEAL PEERAGE (IF I WAS A HIGHSCHOOL DXD KING AND COULD HAVE ANYONE): Mei Terumi- Queen (She is skilled in Taijutsu, and excels in long-range combat while keeping enemies at a distance using her boil and lava releases, making her the perfect warrior.

In addition, as a kage, she is a leader of her people and would be able to stand in for me if something happened during a fight.)Son Gohan- Knight (Focus on speed and strength, highly powerful and having the traits of the knight to emphasize speed would make him practically unbeatable)Shirou Emiya- Knight (Skilled with swords beyond all distinctions and able to warp reality with his aria, he would only grow in magic power as a reincarnated devil, and his speed, which already matched those of servant status, would be beyond belief)Natsu Dragneel- Bishop (He would be the close range fighter type bishop who has access to few powerful long range spells, plus his ability to increase his power using Dragon Force as well as his ability to switch between the dragon slayer elements)Retsu Unohana-Bishop (She would be the perfect healer and support type, with the kido abilities and reiatsu control she has great healing capacity, and her ability to fight is great as well)Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill)-Pawn (her ability to change into other people and items, while powerful, is not powerful enough to rank bishop, but it makes her an ideal piece for subterfuge against the enemy and gives her the capability to stall opponents long enough to take them out or escape)Black Canary (DC)- Pawn (Black canary is an ideal pawn due to the fact that she is focused on martial arts, and a master at various ones with different focuses, such as speed, reaction, or strength, this matches the pawn's capability to transform in enemy territory.

Challenges Davis, Gatomon's Digidestined- Davis ends up being Gatomon's Digidestined through some twist of fate. The main reason I put this as a challenge is that I have seen plenty of stories where Davis ends up with a different Digimon, but none where he ends up with a Digimon that belongs/belonged to the older Digidestined, and the reason it's Gatomon specifically is because when it comes to stories that have Davis as the main character, she is, in my opinion, quite possibly the most under-used character in the show, as an antagonist or a friend, Seriously, if you look up stories featuring Davis and the other Digidestined, there is either a distinct lack of focus on the Digimon, or the Digimon that are their partners are just under utilized if they belong to someone not listed as the main character, with few exceptions (unless she's in a relationship with Veemon or has feelings for him).

Every family has its odd member, the one that doesn't fit. He had always wanted to be the hero, to be a Huntsman.Minato was able to survive the sealing by changing the seal at the last minute, not realizing his mistake until years later. Izuku wasn't Quirkless when he received One For All.Of course, it's just typical he didn't find out until Yuuei.Go check that out and leave a comment, and also check out this story! A lot of people have been asking for this and I have finally decided to be the one to pick up the torch and continue/finish what the original author has stated of having RWBY watching Death Battle episodes. Rejected by demigods, satyrs, and humans alike, the gods embrace him. A deity shows Jaune's friends, familly, and a few others, different ways Jaune could end up livingg, dying, ect. Revenge is the misguided attempt to transform shame and pain into pride. After being kidnapped by his uncle, and watching his father die in front of him, he is promptly dumped in the wild to fend for himself. Harry Potter/Stargate Crossover, eventual AUTen years had passed since the Fall of Beacon and while the world had been saved by no small effort made by his friends and himself Jaune feels lost in the new world.Jaune Arc is a duelist who specializes in Red-Eyes cards. When Zeus's lighting bolt is stolen, Percy is the only one to have a dream about Zeus's and Poseidon's conflict. While the newly-awakened Barry Allen experiments with his newfound powers and uses them to defend his city from other metahumans who've allowed their power to go to their head, Oliver Queen is faced with the return of a cunning adversary and the shadow of an even greater threat: the Demon's Head. with the goal of having them truly appreciate him (Terrible Summary is terrible. Being forsaken and neglected, ignored and forgotten, revenge seems a fairly competent obligation. Given no explanation, and filled with a power he doesn't understand, and can't control, Gohan has to prepare himself to defend the Earth. He wanted to be a Huntsman to help those in need and while he still found his career satisfying he knew something was missing from his life.That was until she learned something very important.

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