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20 year old Sub, I do everything except piss, shit, and puke. laughter here and there that makes the day much Lively, nature...

But sometimes a rainy day, time with friends and family, or just childhood nostalgia moves us to bust out the tabletop variety.

Engagement designer, Stanford lecturer, and tabletop geek Chris Bennett gave me the inside scoop on Go Play Northwest.

I'm the typical girl next door if the girl next door wears all black, loves horror movies, and is a mortician in training!

I would love to meet someone with similar should be able to figure out what other kinds of...

(creative commons) PAX West was such a smashing success for years that the convention set up shop on the East coast.

One of the highlights of PAX is their music talent.And not even a decade ago, you only needed to be one or two connections removed from a game industry pro to score tickets.E3 started cracking down on the fandom attendance to get it back to its insider industry roots. I'm pretty much an open person and will answer just about anything if I'm asked.UPDATE [09/06/2016]: 2016 – 2017 dates, locations, pricing, and new names of select conventions. Thanks to your excellent feedback on this article, I’m starting a series of geek convention round-ups. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list, but a carefully curated one based on my experiences and those of my convention-pro friends.They’re a curated resource to see when the convention is happening and what’s worth seeing there. It’s definitely not a requirement to be a certifiable geek on a topic. Location: Seattle, WA Dates: TBA (likely Labor Day Weekend 2017, September 1-4) Ticket price: – 0 (Registration will likely open Spring 2017.

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