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For a more complete list see Comparison of webcam software.Special software can use the video stream from a webcam to assist or enhance a user's control of applications and games.

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Webcams can be used to take video clips and still pictures.

Various software tools in wide use can be employed for this, such as Pic Master (for use with Windows operating systems), Photo Booth (Mac), or Cheese (with Unix systems).

The term "webcam" (a clipped compound) may also be used in its original sense of a video camera connected to the Web continuously for an indefinite time, rather than for a particular session, generally supplying a view for anyone who visits its web page over the Internet.

Some of them, for example, those used as online traffic cameras, are expensive, rugged professional video cameras.

Webcam features and performance can vary by program, computer operating system, and also by the computer's processor capabilities.

Video calling support has also been added to several popular instant messaging programs. Software is available to allow PC-connected cameras to watch for movement and sound, a computer e-mailed images of the burglar during the theft of the computer, enabling the owner to give police a clear picture of the burglar's face even after the computer had been stolen.When sent to a remote location, the video stream may be saved, viewed or on sent there.Unlike an IP camera (which connects using Ethernet or Wi-Fi), a webcam is generally connected by a USB cable, or similar cable, or built into computer hardware, such as laptops.Legume production on the Monaro, predominantly on the basalt soils, is generally believed to be below potential targets based on average rain fall received and without this nitrogen re-cycling benefit, resultant grass production is often poor. Maintaining an optimal legume mix is vital and integral to increasing production as well as understanding the limiting factors such as rainfall patterns, species selection and soil fertility/type.Nitrogen is a key to driving pasture production and helping to correct soil fertility by recycling of N and is therefore a significant contributor to overall soil health and productivity. three (3) years on the heavier basalt soils (possibly related to the wilting point and WHC (withholding capacities) of the basalt soils and problems with retaining and regaining moisture? Perennial white clovers are more persistent but are very seasonal.Webcams have been used for augmented reality experiences online.


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