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People will have to face the fact that elderly parents may “come home” to their kids; kids may come home to their parents.

Leave the dwellings alone and let people use them as they wish.

Eventually they may need it for a kid who needs to live at home because they can’t afford rent, or they may want to use it themselves when they get old and have their kids living in the main house.

A Berry Breeze refrigerator purifier could be put in the small refrigerator.

The pill dispenser could be filled with capsules of supplements, superfoods, and superherbs.

If it fits on your property, you should be able to keep it there and use it as you wish.

It’s just stupid governmental regulations that would say this is a bad idea (which it’s actually an awesome idea for people to keep their elder relatives, or medically challenged relatives, close to the family and give them the support and dignity to live as they wish, and not to be put in some institution), but they say it’s a bad idea because they can’t “control” what happens with the dwellings afterwards.

Reverend Ken Dupin invented these 12 feet by 24 feet pods that sit conveniently in any backyard and plug right up one’s existing plumbing and electrical.

They allow both caregiver and senior to have their own space while remaining connected.

Everybody goes to their own space and does their own thing. This Tiny house concept made a lot of sense when it first started out. Why do you think new cars are so expensive, even when factoring in inflation?

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