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I'm not saying it’s fair or rational, but 93.2% of the time, a "yeah" plus a "maybe" equals a "no." Says Jeremy, 27: "I always tag extra 'i’s onto my 'Hiiii' to demonstrate my interest in talking to someone because it's hard to pick that up over text.So when I receive a short and off-putting 'Hi,' I automatically assume something is wrong and wonder if it's my fault." So, you ask: is "Hi" a pleasant greeting or a "Hi jerk, we need to talk"? The one time I ever sent a portentous "Hi” text was because I was pissed at a guy for blowing me off without an apology and wanted to make my pissed-off-ness known.

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If you're dating a girl who has a dedicated spanking fetish, and you send her a picture of a ping pong paddle, that's a sext.

If your dating life lies somewhere in between and, like the rest of us, you like to see the occasional boob, bum, dick or chest pop up on your phone, just ask yourself: Is this meant to turn him/her on?

There are many plausible routes to take your answer -- though some are more treacherous than others.

Well played, Robert -- presumptuously extending her an invite to your buddy's party can also result in a shutdown if she already has plans with her girls and is just blipping your radar for a booty call later on.

Then he added me on Facebook, invited me to his graduation party and on a ski vacation.

We had a great time but sometimes he’d become distant with me.

If the answer is "yes" then according to me it's sexting. More on Hooking Up at Sex Tip from a Guy (And Our New Favorite TV Show!

The question of sexting boils down to what someone finds sexy. And that's just it, it's really up to you: what constitutes a sext, what constitutes a flirt, and what constitutes a plain old texty text. __Have a question about Dating, Relationships, or Sex for Single John?

That incoming chat bubble harboring the menacing dot-dot-dot is a technological blessing and curse.


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  3. This week marks the biggest online dating week of the year (combined with the biggest divorce week of the year).

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