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After we had been dating for about six months, Christy was involved in a rather serious car wreck.

Someone ran a red light and she t-boned them at about 40 mph, hitting her head very hard on the steering wheel due to the defective airbags in her old car.

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All of the details weren't clear, but apparently Christy, in her impressionable (and libido-boosted) state, had either given these boys the impression that she was interested, or was somewhat coerced into it. The two boys were expelled but no legal action was taken against them because the evidence did not support a rape, for Christy seemed to have consented (her medical condition not being recognized under current law).

The school was then placed in the awkward position of saying that Christy was not allowed back at school either, although she was allowed to finish the remaining month of the school year from home. I couldn't really be mad at Christy, but it was also difficult to avoid feeling betrayed.

"We expect Christy to eventually make a full recovery," they told us, "but there will be a recovery time of at least a year." They showed us scans of her brain, and showed us that the affected areas were those that controlled rational decision making and long-term memory.

They told us that she would be very impressionable during the year or so that her brain was healing.

She was very naive and innocent, raised very religiously but struggling to find her own identity outside of what her parents had tried to give her, if somewhat timidly.

She was slender, about 5'3", with long, wavy auburn-blonde hair and big, beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't believe how lucky to land her, and even be her first boyfriend.

She was a virgin and had most of her first time sexual experiences with me, but we never broke the bank and had sex.

I had had sex with a couple other girls before and of course I wanted to with her as well, but I respected her boundaries and agreed to wait it out.

She acted more or less the same, and usually remembered most things from the day before, but would take prompting for anything from the day before that.


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