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Early Internet When the internet first came, you can probably guess there wasn’t too much sexting going on at first.A flirtation card would typically ask for permission to walk a lady home. Notes and Letters Writing notes, letters and even some quick doodles are a great way to get a message across.Write down dirty thoughts or even doodle up a naughty scene.This sextexting app features many other users, just like you, who are also interesting in sexting.Because of this super convenient set up is made for you to succeed in fulfilling your sexual desires.With the capability to talk to anyone in the world, now it was possible to start sexting with someone you didn’t even know in real life.


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  2. Once the set up is complete, you are given four options: Messages (a dashboard for all the sent, received and favourited messages), Search, Explore (the app says it’s a new feature in the works), and Profile.

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