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" "Yes I live there and no I'm not expected home, mom, dad and Mary are working and John has gone to Grandma's, she’s mum’s mother. "Do you know where we can we go where we won't be seen or heard? On the way, I explained about foreplay, quickies, tender sex, and sex for fun, with either same sex partners or heterosexual, and that not all sexual activities involved penetration.

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She stiffened for a moment and her nipples followed suit, but she relaxed as I explained that lovers would always want to feel a woman’s breasts.

I said that it let the woman have time to decide if she really wanted to go any further than having her breasts felt, because there would be more than mere feeling if she allowed him, or her, to continue.

" "Oh come on, you must have had sex lessons at school and I bet you've seen a boy's penis so you know the difference between a boys penis when it is normal or aroused." “Yes we had sex talks at school, but we didn’t have anything that mentioned that sort of reaction and yes I've seen a boy's penis.

My brother showed me his and asked me to feel it, but it was soft and floppy I haven’t seen it when it was stiff.

I was full of lust and did not have any thoughts regarding 'taking advantage' or 'morals'.

"Do you live in that village down there and if you do, will you be expected home soon?

They never even told my sister or me about periods and when she had her first one, she was frightened, but mum just gave her a sanitary towel to use and said that she'd do that every month from then on." "My sister asked her friends about periods and she told me so that I'd know what it was when I started. ” “If you mean masturbate, then yes I sometimes do.

They also told her about tampons which mum never mentioned. " "Yes, I have a girlfriend and we love to have sex, but she admits that she does like to have sex with girls. My sister and I share a large bedroom and she did it to me on my birthday. On the way home, she said she would tell me how to please myself, but when we arrived home she got into my bed, she did it to me.

They were now my responsibility and I had been working hard at making certain that I would not drop the ball.

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