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"They all got in the car and boned out" -- Smokey (Friday 1995). "Smokin' bones in the staircase" -- Wu-Tang Clan (C.

"I'm a rock hard trooper to the bone" -- Public Enemy (Louder Than A Bomb) 4) (v) To bone out, as in leaving.

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Instinctively, I put his legs over my shoulders and I pulled his butt up over my thighs until I felt my tool inside his ass.

And slowly I pushed the rest of my cock inside to him.

But the way he looked after my sister made me realize that I had no chance with this most manly of men.

That didnt stop me from jerking my ten inch boner thinking about his naked hunky body until my cum creamed my hand.

Now, with his cum in my mouth I started to kiss him on his lips.

I was so surprised that he started to open his mouth by gave his tongue with my tongue. After finishing licking him completely, I started to finger fuck him in his red cherry crack and I was loving what I was doing to him. I got up and knelt between his legs and pointed my enormous dick at his hole.

I left my cock inside him and shoot my hot loads of cum inside in hole. Next day morning, I got up earlier morning and saw he was still in sleep & my dick still inside him.

So slowly I pushed my cock in and out until I shoot another hot load of cum inside him.

And slowly I started pushed my cock in and out of his hole.

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