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65 My horoscope said for me to be submissive today.66 Let’s teach you the art of edging, over and over and over.67 Want to find out if you have a foot fetish?

29 There’s this hunky guy I’ve been thinking about – OMG it’s you! 34 Let’s blow off our jobs today – in your bed.35 Let’s play find the sausage. 42 You might want to talk tomorrow morning off – we’re going to be up late tonight.43 I’ve got a secret treat hidden in my underwear.

30 I keep thinking of rubbing my hands all over your hairy chest.31 I just saw a picture of the sexiest dude in the world – OMG it was you! Might be hard if you get my drift.36 Ever play pin the tail on the donkey blindfolded? I just want to lick you all over38 What if I pretend to be a plumber tonight and drain your main? It’s up to you to find it.44 Has anyone ever licked your armpits? Let me teach you all about it.46 How many licks does it take to get to the center of your tootsie-pop? 50 I’d like to be in the middle of your sandwich51 You are really big – fill me up babe!

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is come off as cute.

Laugh a little bit and throw in a couple of giggles. Play with him a little and lean into his hot boy-toy side. The results are not scientific but will give you a general sense of what your fellow website visitors are up to when it comes to the entire dirty talking to a guy thing.

If you want to make your man’s stand erect at attention, try any of the 75 examples listed here. At the end of this dirty talk page, we’ve included a fun poll for you to vote in.

There’s also a book recommendation that acts as a build upon for what’s been revealed here. 1) Tell me what part of my body to touch2) Meet me in the alley – I want to grab your meat3) I’m not wearing an underwear right now because they got wet4) Where do you want to put your snake – I’m hoping inside of me5) I want to sit on you – do you have time? 8) I need to get filled up with your love – where do you want to deposit it? 10) When you are inside of me, I feel like I want to explode.11) You’re so sexy – you must work up a sweat at the gym.12) I’ve been giving your body a long, hard look in my mind all day.13) Can you shoot baskets more than once? 14) I was sucking on a lollipop and you suddenly came to mind.15) If we role played, what would you want me to be?

If you get a picture from him, regardless of how it looks, take it as an opportunity to turn him on and talk dirty to him.

Use the previously mentioned tips for talking dirty for imaginative fodder.

Regardless if you are a gay man reading this post or a straight woman looking for dirty talk ideas, this article is for you.

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