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Since then, they've been fighting the good fight, recapturing much of the spirit of the old SNK, even if their output isn't nearly as high.Alas, even though they've been producing some quality titles, not everyone is keen on buying and rebuying installments of The King of Fighters and Metal Slug.

Early concept sketch and in-game graphics of Venus.

I had side quests planned for each planet but cut them out because I think they made the game feel not only super long but also like an adventure like Xolga and Mr. I planned for Pavervill to go out to sea to find his father's long lost tresure but pirates kidnap the crew and they end up escaping and finding the treasure and discovering that his mom was from Earth based on the contents of the chest. Drew some inspiration from Professor Layton's London.

His cheat code is a nod to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Sketches of a character I drew in class that later inspired Quoto. The mask is based off of a mask I own from a ghost costume.

The side quest here I was thinking about detailed Cil being in debt and having to avoid running into detectives or political figures in town. Early concept sketch and in-game graphics of Uranus.

I didn't really come up with a side quest for Uranus but the only idea I had was like some kind of competition the crew would have to participate in with Erameni. Early concept sketches and in-game graphics of the user interface.

Early concept sketch and in-game sprite graphics of Vanni.

I imagined him to be young at first but decided to balance out the crew with an older looking character. Early concept sketch and in-game sprite graphics of Pavervill. Originally his name was "Gia" but I revised it because I wanted his name to sound more unique.

Revised sketch and in-game sprite graphics of Quoto.


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  6. There was more preparation in terms of not having to freak out in the studio as much. Our first record was maybe more emotional because it wasn’t really a breakup album, but it was that weird ‘pre-everything going to shit’ album.

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