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Upload CSV, XML, JSON or plain text files with the emails and check them!

It is well documented, easy to use and provides multiple output options.

", "transcript" : "Are you struggling with email deliverability?

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Email validation is extremely significant in order to maintain a good business.

In most scenarios email address is the only way to reach a user.

Whether you need ongoing services or periodic list cleaning, there’s an implementation option that’s right for your budget and application requirements.

a regex alone on clientside, does not know if there is a mailserver nor if the domain itself exists.

Have a bad reputation, and you'll struggle to hit those inboxes.

Poor email deliverability will not only hamper your ability to communicate with your customers, but could land you in hot water with regulators as well, threating your ability to continue leveraging the email channel and damaging your bottom line.For more information please check the documentation or contact us!This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, Math ML, etc.Use Fresh Address’s Safe To Send to neutralize these threats with a bulletproof method of separating the good addresses from those that are not safe to email.It’s time you get comprehensive protection against the costly fallout of problematic addresses.They base their decisions on your sender reputation.

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