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Just be careful not to hit the police with any wayward shots as the last thing you want is their attention shifting onto you.

You can take out ships on your own if you want to, but you may want to limit your targets to ships that aren’t flying as part of a wing, and have a combat rating at the lower end of the spectrum – such as harmless, mostly harmless, or novice.

While your starter Sidewinder isn’t a bad ship by any means, the small cargo hold, and limited space for additional modules, means that it does restrict your avenues for making money fast.

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Getting a handle on these aspects will help you a lot in the early game, as travel will make up a large proportion of what you’ll be doing, and many a new commander has managed to crash spectacularly whilst trying to make it through the docking slot of an orbital station.

Should you be after more information, though, there are a number of non-interactive training videos on the Elite Dangerous You Tube channel – accessible from the games training menu – that can provide some pointers about many of the games other aspects.

After you have a nice number of bounties to hand in, head back to a station in the same system and collect your reward.

Once you have a little money it might also be worth investing in some upgrades for your ship so you can make your life a little easier.

Another good habit in open play is to keep an eye on your scanner for any contacts showing as hollow rectangles – these denote a player ship rather than that of an NPC.

Always assume another player is hostile and if you see anyone making a beeline in your direction jump immediately to another system, as they’re probably not looking for a chat.

There’s no shame in running in Elite: Dangerous, and while the cost of getting your ship destroyed at the start of the game – should you decide to fight – is virtually zero, it’s best to develop your survival instincts early on so can be ready for the point in your career when a death can cost you a chunk of credits.

Should the worst happen and you fall prey repeatedly to player pirates in the same location, then just log into a solo instance and leave the area before jumping back into open play.

With that in mind we’ve assembled some tips to help you get over the steep learning curve that’ll welcome you as you start your journey from harmless to elite.


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