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The ultimate professional bachelor, Hitch discovers that all his tried and true tricks of the trade are no match for Sara (Eva Mendes), the one woman he truly loves. Coleman, is known nationwide as the real-life "dating doctor," and has been featured in publications such as Us Weekly, and Glamour. Editor's Note: moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions. I give honest and often humorous advice to your most sincere, troubling and genuine questions. I'm not sure if he's trying to sabotage the relationship, or just doesn't realize what he's doing. But how do you ask these kinds of questions without freaking the other person out? RELATIONSHIP CLOSURE AND HISTORY It is amazing how much you can learn about someone in a short period of time if you have an open and honest discussion from your heart. But I'm afraid that the lack of his expressing passion means he'll leave me for someone he feels it with. I love my daughters..I am IN LOVE with my girlfriend.

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David Coleman is leader who is constantly learning in order to help us all live a better life. He is a highly sought after speaker, author, entertainer, media personality and product endorser.

David has been featured in such fine publications as Us Magazine, Glamour, Celebrity Living, Mademoiselle, Women’s World, Cosmopolitan, The USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

" Keep good posture, use eye contact, smile, say hello. He will use anything within his "arsenal" to put his best foot forward, reduce his limitations and give himself a chance to be successful. He doesn't like the idea of giving me a key to his apt. Take a hard look at you, then him and you as a couple. Baltimore, Md.: Two months ago I was the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding out of town.

I refuse to be treated in this way, and have washed my hands of him. You don't want to talk about marriage before you're dating seriously--but at the same time, you may not want to fall in love if there's no possibility for getting serious or married. I'd feel more confident if he spoke of me in absolutes: "You're the BEST girlfriend I've had" or "you're THE ONE I've been looking for" or "I've never been in love like I am with you." Not only would this make me feel more secure, but -- gosh, I'd really like to be absolutely worshiped and adored. One comes from the heart and means that I adore them.

He is a highly sought after speaker, author, entertainer, radio and television personality.

Mostly though, he’s friends with AJ & Jordan and stopped by to kick it with us while doing a couple gigs in California.

The other comes from passion and means I'd rather never live with out her and that I want her more than words can express. Coleman: Due to a previous commitment, I will only be on line today until 2 p.m..

Again, if you look at my previous answers, there are 3 types of love: Eros = Erotic Agape = Heartfelt Philia = Friendship If you are missing "Eros" with someone... Thank you for your interest and I hope that I have been of some help or comfort to you.

you will quite often find your heart wandering to another that makes you want to say... I speak to tens of thousands of people per year and my books, cd, and video are available on my Web site. Take a date and go and see the movie "Hitch." It is darn near exactly what I do for a living (without all the Hollywood drama), but I don't have the luxury of scriptwriters who make it all culminate in a happy ending.

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