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When asked about the outstanding warrants in five towns and cities, he denied all wrongdoing and said the charges were nothing but false allegations. John's, Cameron steered the conversation back to her finances.Cameron then denied ever being convicted of a crime. It is unclear if he is still in the city or if he has moved elsewhere.

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The 20-year-old international student at Memorial University of Newfoundland had seen a posting in a Facebook group for a Canon Rebel T1i 500D camera. Utsab Basu, an international student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, bought a camera from a man he identified as the same Donald Cameron whose picture is on the Charlottetown police and Kelowna, B. (Bruce Tilley/CBC) At the same time, Mac Innis was beginning to piece together things missing from her home as she searched for Cameron online. John's and began sharing photos of him in local buy-and-sell groups.

Basu saw her post and recognized Cameron as being the same man he purchased a camera from the day before.

After the breakup, she let Cameron stay in a spare bedroom until he could find another place to live. 7, Mac Innis says Cameron stole her credit cards, $1,000 in cash from her safe, her camera and more than $10,000 in jewelry.

According to Sudbury police, charges have not yet been laid against Cameron in their city and they have not issued a warrant for his arrest.

But Cameron says Mac Innis's allegations against him are false.

He says he has never been convicted of a crime and stressed that he plans to sue CBC News for "slander, defamation of character, and anything else my lawyer can bring against you." He declined to identify his lawyer.

(Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers, Don Cameron/Facebook) Mary-Lee Mac Innis thought she had met her dream man. Now, she wants women to be warned: Donald John Cameron is a career criminal who targets women on Plenty of Fish.

"If he has his back up against a wall, he will do anything to get out of it," she told CBC News.

Donald John Cameron, who has allegedly also used the alias Donald Joseph Cameron, moved to St. But early last month, the dream came to an abrupt end.


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