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Its modern five-way pickup selector is wired to produce out-of-phase sounds, but among the case candy is a vintage style three-way ready to please purists.

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It’s easy to appreciate the research, time, and sweat that went into the creation of these instruments.

The challenge lies in not flat-out gushing over them!

Its neck had a classic slim-C profile with slab rosewood fretboard, and its pickups were a bit hotter, with more midrange than the ’56 Strat.

In positions two and four, the ’59 produced a thicker overdrive sound and rounder low-end (for more on the nuances uncovered by Fender, see “Classics Redefined” in the “First Fret” section of this issue).

The two biggest surviving veterans of the ’60s-dominating British Invasion, the Rolling Stones and the Who, spent the turn of the decade morphing from theater-playing singles acts to jet set arena-packing album artists.

And British Invasion act the Yardbirds—which introduced the world to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, in that order—underwent a remarkable metamorphosis into the biggest rock group of the 1970s, Led Zeppelin.

Case candy is also improved, with a black leather strap, bridge covers, extra strings, and gray instrument cables, period-specific polishing cloth in a waxed-paper envelope, manual, and paperwork.

Fender’s new American Vintage models are outstanding examples of classic American craftsmanship and design; they not only play and sound great, they’re loaded with vintage vibe.

The ’52 Tele is the lone guitar to make the transition from the old series (in fact, it was there from the beginning of Fender’s reissues back in ’82).

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