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Read the Provisional Programme Media Plaza Jaarbeursplein 3521 A. Friday, 17 June 2016 Utrecht, the Netherlands Costs?Participation is free of charge, including drinks, lunch and a networking reception What can you expect from this meeting?

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The Conference will be organized by NIVEL and the University of Antwerp, as part of the EC-funded ARNA project.

It will be an associated event of the Dutch EU Presidency. To assess options for further actions at the EU level and Member State level to stimulate a more prudent use of antibiotics in human medicine Date and location?

This also applies to credit card payments aboard the boat to Askøy.

4.1.1 Single ticket – one single journey A single ticket is valid for a single journey on one specific route or within a specific area, by bus/Bergen Light Rail.

The regulations also apply in instances where transport by ferry is part of the travel route.

The routes in the county are divided into zones, which are defined by the first and last stop in each zone.

All ticket types can be stored on the Skyss Travelcard, but no more than eight different ticket types can be stored at the same time.

Skyss Travelcards are available as registered or unregistered cards. SKYSS TICKET APPThe 'Skyss Ticket' is a mobile app for smart phones with which you can buy a selection of single and season tickets in Zone Bergen and Skyss youth tickets for the entire county of Hordaland. TICKET TYPES 4.1 Single tickets Within the Zone Bergen there is a supplement charge when paying in cash for single tickets for adults, children and seniors.

With '10 journeys', adults get a 17% discount and children/concession holders get a 50% discount on the ordinary adult fare (single ticket).

'10 journeys' is valid for one adult, child or concession holder and cannot be used by multiple persons travelling together.

Single tickets for bus/boat travel are available for all types of passengers.


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