Dating tips for shy guys first date

There are so many things going on, from local networking events that are relevant to your interests to gallery open evenings, language/food classes or even the gym/your local sports clubs.Who knows, you might even meet Miss Right at one of these gatherings?

You’re looking for love but there’s one problem – you’re painfully shy and hate the idea of ‘singles events’ and getting yourself ‘out there’.

Online dating is fine…until you have to stop hiding behind the computer screen and actually meet up in person.

Get into the habit of thinking of the pros rather than the cons and make a list of all the positive things happening in your life to give yourself a confidence boost.

Whenever you’re feeling down, just picture a positive past situation or something that makes you happy. You might not have even noticed that your body language is revealing your nervousness.

The extreme alternative to the limp handshake is having a grip like a vice, so to avoid either of these scenarios, ditch the formal handshake and instead just give your date a hug (and a kiss on the cheek if you feel it’s appropriate).

Tip 7: Be assertive and take charge Girls love it when a guy already has plans for a date, so pick somewhere you like and take charge of the evening.You will get protective any time a guy implies your man’s quietness is weakness. His sex life is, as Ron Swanson would curtly say, “epic and private.”14.But then you’ll remember that lots of men think lots of arbitrary crap is masculine, like overly-hoppy craft beer or wearing boat shoes with socks. He shows his love in way more practical, personal ways.You’ll never come home exhausted from work and feel like you have to nonstop gab right away. Shyness is p strongly correlated to modesty, and if you don’t ask him for details on how his big pitch at work went, he’ll probably skirt right over it.You can both cuddle without the crushing pressure of filling every minuscule gap in a conversation. The bigger the accomplishment, the more your convo feels like 20 questions. And you’re constantly learning crazy huge chunks of information about him. He’ll also ask you things no one else ever thought to. Because he’s not the type to interject a lot (or, at all), bigger group settings make him seem like all he’s secretly roasting everyone in his head between every silent, polite nod. Because he’s so shy, the people who end up being his closest friends are usually the kinder, more patient people who won’t immediately write off that person standing awkwardly by themselves at a party.Just when you think you know him, he’ll tell you he met Obama once and they talked for 10 whole minutes. This guy has logged a lot of hours intently listening to you, so don’t be too shocked when he throws you a philosophical curveball like “If you never reach [x long-term goal], do you think you could ever be truly happy? So yeah, one-on-one friend hangs are way more his wheelhouse. And you won’t feel like you need to be “on” when you first chill with them because, uh, have you met your own boyfriend? Loud men, in contrast, will irritate you more than they did before.


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